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My heritage begins with my last name WEST born and raised right here in Huntsville, Alabama. Following in my father's footsteps (Chester West) my education started at the end of a shovel, a hammer and a tape measure. My classroom was in the heat, cold, sawdust and dirt. My teacher is a master at his craft and expected more from this student than anyone else. 

I'm proud to say that I worked with my father for ten years. In that ten years the experience from steep mountainside highly complex architectural homes, to offices built all across this city. Including even the intricacies of a large restaurant to a full service bank still active on University Drive near Mid-City. So even though I wasn't schooled by a college education, my degree was much tougher to acquire and I wouldn't have changed a thing.

I built upon that foundation and went out on my own in the late 1980's. I have designed and built since that time new homes, remodels or created additions to hundred's of homes and commercial buildings in our community.  From offices, another restaurant, a neighborhood grocery market to the complexity of a highly technical surgical animal hospital we've experienced it.

So I can clearly say, "I'm always up for a challenge!" Mike


"Failure to plan is planning to fail." In today's construction environment we've changed to insure that delays are either avoided or reduced to keep the flow of construction flowing. Any day I have a project without anyone working on it... well that's not a good nor productive day.


Expediency for the sake of speed is neither productive from a quality standpoint nor one of safety. Accidents can happen, that's why it's called an accident. However 99% of accidents could have been prevented with situational awareness of the crewman and myself overseeing the safety of all on the jobsite.


Doctors and attorney's practice their vocation. I know the meaning behind that phrase to be sure. However, in construction we don't practice building. In construction there are those that can profess to know much. "To be a True Professional," we not only seek to continually learn. But we demonstrate professionalism to our clients, our crews and our vendors daily. 


As noted on the home page. I do offer Independent Professional Construction Consulting  Services - totally autonomous of my construction company.

I represent you from the conception of an idea all the way to choosing your builder and beyond if you wish. We've tailored services that create a truly Professional Consulting menu.



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